AMD Threadripper 1950X - Intel core i9 7960X - 16cores/32threads

or Intel core i9 7980XE - 18cores/36threads project build.

Last update: 12-12-2017 : Ordered a new PSU: EVGA Supernova 1600W G2

                      05-01-2018: First delivery date was around 02-01-2018 ,would be 3weeks..but now it get delayed

                                            till 16-02-2018?? so that's more then 2month..asking & searching for other solution..

                      15-02-2018: A other delay 25-02-2018

                      27-02-2018: What a story..on 26-02-2018 ask again about situation PSU..sir we will check for you..

                                            Not much later a e-mail with a new delay not before 02-04-2018?? ..check when i have

                                            buyed this PSU. Okay,is enough..cancel it and refund my money back!

                                            During this period i have of course looking for a other PSU..these 1600W - 1500W

                                            no where to get..always same not before April/May..Why? it's because all these miners

                                            guys,they buy all these PSU's and high end grafic's really a hype!

                                            To make it short,today i have buy a new Seasonic Prime 1300W Gold ,highest i could get.

                                            See picture under.. 

                      05-03-2018: System is up&running..will make a new sub-folder under i9 7980XE about default

                                             testings & tuning system.

I'm getting nice support from people who follow my testings..during the year I'm around 1500 viewers every month with a top viewers when TCEC tournament is busy,almost double! Last month : 2340 viewers

I'm planning to upgrade my system i7 5960x 8cores to a AMD Threadripper 1950X Intel i9 7980XE,then i would be the first person to make a 18cores/36threads engine list!

At same time I'm collecting data ,chess benches from these new CPU's ,to get a idea how fast these new CPU's are..

Making a list here with updates:

I'm getting a lot e-mails from people with questions or a request but also with idea's..and now someone came with the idea why would you upgrade to a Threadripper and not go for a i9 7960X or even a i9 7980XE ..when you see the big difference in nodes/sec.!?

Of course i would choose for a new i9 CPU ,but the price is much higher..

So why not put a fund online so that people can donate you some money! (Is not the first time someone comes with this proposal..)

Nice idea..thought about here we go..if it doesn't work i stay with a 1950X (atm) i9 7900X or i9 7920X

30-09-2017 -> I see a big gain in nodes/sec. from a TR1950X to a i9 7960X both 16c/32t + a much better overclocker!!

                         but a good +600Euro price difference..

12-10-2017 -> Still waiting to get benches from a i9 7920X ,i9 7940X and i9 7980XE ..i have one with i9 7980XE but with

                         a other asmFish version done..

16-10-2017 -> Today i order my new motherboard : Asrock x299 Taichi XE !


                         So it will be a Intel Core i9 79xx cpu..

18-10-2017 -> Motherboard arrived (picture under)

09-11-2017 -> Cool paste Gelid GC-Extreme arrived (picture under)

06-12-2017 -> Need a new power supply also as my Antec Signature 850W is not good enough for a i9 7980XE

Planning was to build a new system around new year..with the thought all CPU's will be released by then and i would get these benches!

-AMD threadripper 1950X 16c/32t around $999 ,here cheapest i find 999Euro is released.

-Intel Core i9 7960X 16/32t around $1699 will be released at September the 25 -> 1679Euro

-Intel Core i9 7980XE 18c/36t around $1999 will be released at September the 25 -> 2019Euro 1949Euro 1800Euro!!

So,that's a lot money only for a cpu..

I have totally no idea how this will go..all it depends ,are people willing to donate me something with the thinking I'm getting all these engine Dev's,beta's and release versions from different programmers and want to see them in rating lists on a so fast possible system..

The only two engines I'm missing are Hiarcs & Shredder in my lists.. i have contacted both programmers but kindly told me they have there own private testers ,so logic they didn't need a other one..

But i have thought about that also..even these engines are not really top engines..and i see the value from the donated money is high enough then i just buy them and include them in my testings!

I can make a list with the donated money ,with or without name if make it clear so that all people can see it..and at the end to show you the computer part list with prices what i gone buy with it.

Collected money ,what if:

i see Zero Euro :) well i continue with my planning ,see what i gone build around new year.

Around 200Euro ..maybe a SSD ,memory or Shredder & Hiarcs for example!

+1000 Euro i build a Threadripper system

+2000 Euro i build a i9 system

+3000 Euro i build a i9 7980XE system

more..well keep dreaming ;)

If it's going faster collecting the money then of course i can build the system earlier then new year..

I'm using PayPal ,i think the most easy way to donate..if people prefer a other way ,please let me know..

I can't thanks enough you people who donate for this new project for my endless engine testings i have already done and will do..

All the programmers who send me for years their engine for testing!

This hobby has grow in more then 20years and all these times i have never loose any day motivation to continue..till chess is solved ;)

But that will not happen in my lifetime i i continue,trying to do better and better and to get optimal testing results..

Have already idea's in my mind what i want to try out on new system.

Working with different classes..engines can go up or down..or with different TC's..a TCEC alike also to add test-suites..and so on..

04-11-2017 -> Have already made a testing schedule that i will try out!

18-11-2017 -> Here is my google spreadsheet Ipmanchess Tournament-List schedule what i'm planning to try out on new                         system!

27-12-2017 -> Spreadsheet updated..

Crossing fingers ;) ..Thanks guys!

When clicking on Donate it will automatic forward you..e-mail connected to Paypal is:

Thank you very much for your donation!
- Jose Daniel (Andscacs)
- Jin
- Colin

Thank you Ali(TCEC Fan)

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