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Try to beat this when you are 50 years old ;)

Yes,i'm 50 and just keep my fitness with running,ground exercises like push ups ,sit-ups ,pull ups ,stretching and with some android apps i download..

Keep your body & mind trained!

53 years ,still going well.. ;)
Reaching  a vo2 Max. = 58 at the age 53 10month's!
Running 5,6Km in 25m50s = avg. 13Km/h.
One leg squats over the full lenght is 12times (6left&6right) ,do this after my running + other excersizes.
Reaching  a vo2 Max. = 59 at the age 53 11month's!!
Running 4,0Km in 18m10s = avg. 13,2Km/h.
Running 2,4Km in 10m28s = avg. 13.76Km/h.
Reaching  a vo2 Max. = 60 at the age 54!
Running 4,0Km in 18m02s = avg. 13,3Km/h.
Running 2,4Km in 10m14s = avg. 14,07Km/h.
Reaching  a vo2 Max. = 61 at the age 54!!
4 years later in compare with first picture..
Running 2,4Km in 10m05s = avg. 14,28Km/h.
Running 5,0Km in 22m56s = avg. 13.08Km/h.
Running 4,0Km in 17m50s = avg. 13,46Km/h. First time under 18min. at age 54 10month's

For my birthday at 55 i buy a water-rower Apollo PRO XL from First-Degree!
First goal: reach 5000m under 20min.
My first try ,how far i get in 20min. -> 4435m ,and first 5000m in 21m50s ,need some training ;)
A good 2 month's later i get it: 5000m in 19m56s! at level 8 - 565 strokes - 28 SPM
Next time i had 19m45s now 5000m in 19m34s! at level 8 - 551 strokes - 28 SPM (Less strokes as i was trying making longer reach strokes and ends in a faster time while keeping same SPM!)
Again faster..just concentrate more on your technic in rowing your strokes!
5000m in 19m24s! at level 8 - 538 strokes - 27 SPM
A other goal i have done was trying to hold my Vo2max. = 59 avg. for 1 year (Between age 54-55!)
After first 6 months indoor-rowing: best results i got them all in last month..logic ;)
5000m in 19m16s! at level 8 - 517 strokes - 26 SPM

Age 56
After that 1year holding Vo2max.59 i have taken a winter break in running and concentrate me more with Indoor-rowing with these new personal best results:
And getting a first time under the 19min. on the 5000m!

5000m in 18m55s! at level 10 - 513 strokes - 27 SPM
First Garmin watch picture was to test if i'm really tired when i come into Red zone ,and yes also Runalyze showed me that my body was tired..take 1 rest day and the day after recovering i run 20sec. faster..all these indications you get helps very much..and need many patient to see some progress..after winter stop ,start running again and see after a few runs my Vo2max. has go down to 54 (still great for my age) during the first 4 month's it was staying at Vo2max.54 ,even i run faster..but then in the charts i see my condition going up ,from then i go step by step to Vo2max.61 again! And as picture 2 shows i was getting a Peaking training last 2month's i have already getting 3 Peaking's and see condition goes to 100%!
third watch picture was my new best on the 5000m indoor-rowing.
Some excersises after rowing..

And a new Personal Best Vo2max.=62 at age 56 ! with still a Peaking performance.

Running 4,0Km in 17m40s = avg. 13,58Km/h. New PB at age 56!

Age 57

When i got these Personal Best results at 56 i thought it gone be difficult to do even better ,for sure as i'm aging and being 50+
Well i break my PB 4 times with 4Km running..
Running 4,0Km in 17m22s = avg. 13.82Km/h. New PB at age 57!
Running 2.4Km in 10m11s = avg. 14.14Km/h.
5000m in 18m47s New PB!
2000m in  7m12s New PB!

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