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Try to beat this when you are 50 years old ;)

Yes,i'm 50 and just keep my fitness with running,ground exercises like push ups ,sit-ups ,pull ups ,stretching and with some android apps i download..

Keep your body & mind trained!

53 years ,still going well.. ;)
Reaching  a vo2 Max. = 58 at the age 53 10month's!
Running 5,6Km in 25m50s = avg. 13Km/h.
One leg squats over the full lenght is 12times (6left&6right) ,do this after my running + other excersizes.
Reaching  a vo2 Max. = 59 at the age 53 11month's!!
Running 4,0Km in 18m10s = avg. 13,2Km/h.
Running 2,4Km in 10m28s = avg. 13.76Km/h.
Reaching  a vo2 Max. = 60 at the age 54!
Running 4,0Km in 18m02s = avg. 13,3Km/h.
Running 2,4Km in 10m14s = avg. 14,07Km/h.
Reaching  a vo2 Max. = 61 at the age 54!!
4 years later in compare with first picture..
Running 2,4Km in 10m05s = avg. 14,28Km/h.
Running 5,0Km in 22m56s = avg. 13.08Km/h.
Running 4,0Km in 17m50s = avg. 13,46Km/h. First time under 18min. at age 54 10month's

For my birthday at 55 i buy a water-rower Apollo PRO XL from First-Degree!
First goal: reach 5000m under 20min.
My first try ,how far i get in 20min. -> 4435m ,and first 5000m in 21m50s ,need some training ;)
A good 2 month's later i get it: 5000m in 19m56s! at level 8 - 565 strokes - 28 SPM
Next time i had 19m45s now 5000m in 19m34s! at level 8 - 551 strokes - 28 SPM (Less strokes as i was trying making longer reach strokes and ends in a faster time while keeping same SPM!)
Again faster..just concentrate more on your technic in rowing your strokes!
5000m in 19m24s! at level 8 - 538 strokes - 27 SPM
A other goal i have done was trying to hold my Vo2max. = 59 avg. for 1 year (Between age 54-55!)
After first 6 months indoor-rowing: best results i got them all in last month..logic ;)
5000m in 19m16s! at level 8 - 517 strokes - 26 SPM

Age 56
After that 1year holding Vo2max.59 i have taken a winter break in running and concentrate me more with Indoor-rowing with these new personal best results:
And getting a first time under the 19min. on the 5000m!

5000m in 18m55s! at level 10 - 513 strokes - 27 SPM
First Garmin watch picture was to test if i'm really tired when i come into Red zone ,and yes also Runalyze showed me that my body was tired..take 1 rest day and the day after recovering i run 20sec. faster..all these indications you get helps very much..and need many patient to see some progress..after winter stop ,start running again and see after a few runs my Vo2max. has go down to 54 (still great for my age) during the first 4 month's it was staying at Vo2max.54 ,even i run faster..but then in the charts i see my condition going up ,from then i go step by step to Vo2max.61 again! And as picture 2 shows i was getting a Peaking training last 2month's i have already getting 3 Peaking's and see condition goes to 100%!
third watch picture was my new best on the 5000m indoor-rowing.
Some excersises after rowing..

And a new Personal Best Vo2max.=62 at age 56 ! with still a Peaking performance.

Running 4,0Km in 17m40s = avg. 13,58Km/h. New PB at age 56!

Age 57

When i got these Personal Best results at 56 i thought it gone be difficult to do even better ,for sure as i'm aging and being 50+
Well i break my PB 4 times with 4Km running..
Running 4,0Km in 17m22s = avg. 13.82Km/h. New PB at age 57!
Running 2.4Km in 10m11s = avg. 14.14Km/h.
5000m in 18m47s New PB!
2000m in  7m12s New PB!

Next level..have seen my rowings going well..checking some records and decided to buy a new rower: Concept 2 ErgRow !
I can tell it's a big difference then rowing with my water-rower.
As i have asked a few times in different shops ,can you compare the intensity within these different rowers when you
keep same pace/spm ,your force you are using in a same time.It's clearly different like with my 2000m ,i'm +/-30sec. slower on this Concept2 ..need alot more training..but that motivates me even more ;)
And should have this machine 30years ago ,you get a fantastic workout and is good for any sport you do..i feel my body
changing (see pictures) and this is all done without weights training!! just use your own body weight..
Concept2 has a great logs all your rowing session you do ,no matter what ,everything get saved and on website
you get alot data and can compare with whole world users ,selecting your age group and see how far you stay in each thing i find can be improved is your weight ,there are only two weight-classes: +75Kg or -75Kg
And the best rowers are as Lightweight -75Kg ,these that are just under 75Kg..74,8Kg
So guys from 76-77Kg can easy loose some weight and get into Lightweight class..and guys from 65Kg has no chance at all?
Same for persons that can't go under 75Kg ,well you meet Heavyweight guys from +100kg who dominate the rankings!
They should do same as with age ,split weight classes also in each 5Kg (60-64.9 / 65-69.9 / 70-74.9 / 75-79.9Kg..and so on) would make it more fair for everyone ,and motivate more people into rowing ,as now it's easy to give up when you are not close to these best weightclasses.
So,i follow the guys in my age range 55-59 and around my weight..when i pass them i check the guys with +1Kg more..

Now about 3 month's busy on this new rower and begin to like the 10.000m ,in preparing and hoping to get better at the 2000m ,as this distance get used in competition for indoor-rowing. Have put a picture with my best result atm in 40m28.2s
goal here is i want to reach 40min.means i need to hold 2:00m pace/ i had 2:01.4s avg.500m split.
looking close but it's very hard to reduce that day i will have it!
Nice is also this tool shows your Vo2max.64.6 for this 10K rowing..while my running shows Vo2max.62 on Garmin watch.
Is normal ,as my Garmin watch it's data from month's running and give me in same period Vo2max.62 +2+3 in my training session ,so virtuel i get 64-65 as Vo2max. that day. and you need many plus runnings to get one more.
62 is same highest Vo2max. i got as last year..To maintain it you need to keep on running and hold your fitness level.
It needs only one or two times -1-2 and your Vo2max goes down to 61. So long it's good weather i run ,the winter is coming then i will be more rowing ,plus ofcourse my other exercizes i it's almost every day training :) and now and then a rest day!
Again reaching a Peaking in my fitness and almost red 605 (was after runnings and a few 10K rowings) last 7 days ,then time for a rest day..
Middle-under picture was taken after 10K and when i still sit on rower.
Some more workouts:

My last day workout for 2023 was great ,ended with a PB on 10Km in 40m10.5s!

How can i better end my first 1.000.000meter then with a half marathon rowing: 21097m 08-01-2024

And around 3.5 month's ago (see above) i make my goal to reach 10Km in 40min.! and i did it..not easy task..but continue rowing ,getting this first million meters
helped me to get it with a super high Vo2max. 66.8 in a time from 39m57.8s !! Age 57.5

Attacting the 5000m now..

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