Ipman Chess kicks the pieces!

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What's up.

Here i want to publish my lists so that everyone who has fun with Chess can have a idea how strong these chess engines are.

All the strongest engines no matter which compile or even which different settings/eng.parameters can be tested.

List from different systems:

At the moment i run games on 3 systems.

i9 7980XE @4,2Ghz 18cores/36threads (HT On) where i play with 1core engines.

R9 7945HX 16cores/32threads where i test 1core engines.

i7 13700H 6P+8P/20threads where i test 2cores engines.

both laptops has a RTX4060

More details under in little table!

Test Conditions:

Games are played at TC:10s+1s  on i9 7980XE & R9 7945HX and on i7 13700H with TC: 3m+2s

Syzygy Tablebases are used. On my i9 7980XE 6-men syzygy.

On the R9 7945HX & i7 13700H with 5-men syzygy.

Ponder & LP Off on all systems.

Using Cutechess Gui on 3 systems

Opening book from Jeroen Noomen : 3-moves

Lists will be regular updated ,some engines will be removed to make these lists clean again.

In Testings:

There i will put some results from engines in testing..

Benches on high end systems with multi-sockets & Cluster systems!

and use Similar 3.0 tool from Don Dailey!

New: Stockfish 14.1 bench list

R9 7945HXi9 7980XEi7 13700H
Engine Cores1core1core2cores
Opening BookNoomen 3movesNoomen 3movesNoomen 3moves
Time Control10s+1s10s+1s3min+2s
Total games/Eng15000320001470
Ponder & LP

* = Lc0 vs Lc0 is only single game play!

PS. This is my first attempt to make a website..i will try to improve it over time..but of course i concentrate most in testing engines!
       Comments or suggestions are welcome..
       When I manage to put these lists & games online ,then i'am planning to add another page with the ongoing testings.(Done)
       Also using spreadsheets to collect all my data during these tests..many data..

-> Picture above is me with a sidekick Yoko-Geri (20years Karate) more from my sport what i do see in Contact.

When people planning to Donate me something ,then this money will be used to upgrade this website and/or to buy new Chess software!
Thank You!

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