Ipman Chess kicks the pieces!

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What's up.

Here i want to publish my lists so that everyone who has fun with Chess can have a idea how strong these chess engines are.

All the strongest engines no matter which compile or even which different settings/eng.parameters can be tested.

List from different systems:

At the moment i run games on 3 systems.

i9 7980XE @4,2Ghz 18cores/36threads (HT ON) where i play with 1core till 36threads engines.

i7 2670QM 4cores (HT Off) where i pre-test 1, 2 & 4core engines.

i3 M380 where i test only the strongest engines with 1 core.

New: I added Ordo lists,head to head from my i7 5960x & i3 M380 and use Similar 3.0 tool from Don Dailey!

Test Conditions:

All games are played at Blitz 5min. or called Sudden death games.

Syzygy Tablebases are used. On my i9 7980XE 6-men syzygy.

On the i7 2670QM 2core eng. with 5-men syzygy and no TB's are used on the i3 M380.

Ponder Off on all systems.

FritzGui ,Perfect books from Sedat ,same opening both sides

Will use also Cutechess on i9 7980XE with different Time Controls!

Opening book from Jeroen Noomen : 3-moves

Lists will be regular updated ,some engines will be removed to make these lists clean again.

New: Installed a RTX 2080 to test Lc0 and future AI-NN-Hybrid engines!

In Testings:

There i will put some results from engines in testing..

Test-suite: Hardmiddle & HardEnds2013

Benches on high end systems with multi-sockets!

Similar tests.

PS. This is my first attempt to make a website..i will try to improve it over time..but of course i concentrate most in testing engines!
       Comments or suggestions are welcome..
       When I manage to put these lists & games online ,then i'am planning to add another page with the ongoing testings.(Done)
       Also using spreadsheets to collect all my data during these tests..many data..

When people planning to Donate me something ,then this money will be used to upgrade this website and/or to buy new Chess software!
Thank You!

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